Yi-Ta Chuang (莊宜達) yt_photo

Ph. D. candidate
Department of Computer Science
National Chiao Tung University
Phone: +886.3.5712121 ext. 56680
E-mail: izeki.cs 96g @nctu.edu.tw




Prof. Chih-Wei Yi (易志偉)

Research Interests:

Wireless Optimization

Data Mining

Research Progress

Teaching Experience:

Running Projects:


Network coding


Journal Papers:

Conference Papers:

  1. Wang, H.-P., Chuang, Y.-T. , Yi, C.-.W, Tseng, Y.-C. and Liu, P.-C. (2009) XOR-Forwarding for Wireless Networks . IEEE Global Communication Conference 2009 (GLOBECOM 2009) Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2009, Honolulu , Hawaii , USA .


  1. Y.-T. Chuang , H.-P. Wang, C.-W. Yi, and J.-S. Hwu, “Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving messages in wireless network,” Taiwan (pending), owned by ITRI, 2008. ( 莊宜達 , 王湘博 , 易志偉 , 胡鈞祥 ,” 應用於無線網路之訊息收發裝置及其方法 ”.)